About Bluebrontide

Organic baby accessories in gender neutral colours made with premium sustainable fabrics & ethically sourced wooden baby/kids tableware to make mealtimes fun!


Bluebrontide was created out of our desire to live, work & create in an ethical and sustainable manner. Everything from the materials we carefully select, to how our products are made, the businesses we decide to work with and the products we decide to stock, are hopefully a reflection of this!

All our products are designed or sourced to be created with consideration to the environment & social impact it may have during its life-cycle. With all the tableware we stock being fully bio-degradable! We love the whole concept of ‘slow fashion’ (a product that insures quality manufacturing to lengthen the life of an item) which we take into consideration for each piece we make in house or ethically source ensuring the items you purchase from us will last & fit into your child’s life for many years to come, and hopefully be passed down the family! We don’t do disposable & we do not conform to seasonal trends we design for longevity!

All the fabrics we use for our baby accessories are original designs created first as sketches or hand carved block prints then becoming screen prints that are pulled by hand. All colours are custom mixed using environmentally friendly, water based textile inks. Why is this so important, well it means they don’t include phthalates or PVC which are harmful to the environment, & no solvents are needed to clean the screens as the ink residue can be simply washed away with water. We print on natural fibres of hemp, cotton or linen, grown organically, GOTS certified, chemical free from renewable sources. We even use GOTS certified organic thread! We choose these carefully selected materials to not only create an eco-friendly product but to be safe against your baby’s soft delicate skin.

We even pack green sending all our items out in bio-degradable bags made from renewable corn starch , tissue paper made from ‘low grade’ (the greenest) 100% UK post consumer waste, recycled card inserts (FSC certified, and produced using wind-power) all in a recycled card box!! #supergreen

If you have any questions or queries, have any ideas how we can change any elements of our business to us make even more eco-friendly, or would just like a chat, get in contact.

Happy Eco Shopping!


13 thoughts on “About Bluebrontide

    • Hi Bianka

      Thank you for contacting us, we can advise that all of our placemats have been carefully selected to all be made from 100% ‘food grade’ silicone with no fillers, that meets EU standards. They are BPA free and Phthalate free and are made in Australia, Norway and China the cloud placemat is also FDA approved. We are happy to have silicone products on our site as food grade silicone used outside the body for food contact is chemically inert, stable, won’t leach into food, or give off any hazardous fumes.

      Silicone is also not toxic to aquatic or soil organisms and it is not hazardous waste. So while it is not biodegradable, it can be recycled after a lifetime of use.

      Hope this explains a bit about silicone and why we choose to stock items made from this material.

      Sammy 🌿


  1. Hello good afternoon my name is Cristina and I get in touch with you because I have a baby shop in Spain, inspired by nature and animals and everything we sell is made of wood. I have seen your wooden plates and cutlery and would be interested in selling them in my store.
    Could you sell me to sell them in my store in Spain? Thank you very much greetings

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  2. Hi i am interested in buying one of the wooden rabbit plates. Preferably the happy one. I have been waiting for a few weeks to buy it at it siad it was out of stock. However it is still marked up so. Is it going to be in stock any time soon?
    And how much is the delivery in UK?
    Thank you Caroline king


    • Hi Caroline, thank you for contacting us, the rabbit plate is available for pre-order with delivery estimated at around 4 weeks, this item is a pre-order item as we have such a massive demand for this design that as soon as the plates arrive we sell out with in 24hrs! Delivery with-in the UK is £4.95 tracked and signed for and all orders over £100.00 have free postage.



  3. Dear,

    I am Kimberley from Belgium and I own an online webshop. I was wondering if there would be a possibility to work together with you? I really hope so!

    Kind regards,


    • Hi,
      Thank you for contacting us, whilst we don’t have a physical store we do have our website bluebrontide.com where you can find all our products and other beautiful items from other Independent designers. We ship worldwide and offer FREE Uk shipping on all orders over £100.00

      If you have any more questions or queries please don’t hesitate to get in contact.

      Sammy 😃


    • Hi Daniel, we are in the process of putting together our wholesale catalogue and would be happy to add you to our mailing list to forward you a copy when ready.


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