One tree planted reforestation partner. .





Did you know over 80% of the worlds forests are all ready destroyed and 28,000 species are expected to become extinct by the next 25 years due to deforestation! Big numbers right, it can kinda makes you feel as an individual like theirs not a lot you can do!! But we believe whilst we may only be a small business it doesn’t mean together we can’t make a big impact! By becoming a reforestation partner with this amazing non-profit charity we can collectively help plant trees that will in time, absorb carbon, filter water, clean the air we breath and create habitats for wildlife for many years to come.


Untitled-18             PicMonkey Image-3

One for one. We will plant one tree for every product purchased that has this logo          ☞              on the products listing page! Helping the world be just a little greener, cleaner, and healthier!

To continue this reforestation effort together head over to One Tree Planted to become a tree ambassador and plant a tree in a region of your choice!              

                           ⇣   ⇣   ⇣   ⇣   ⇣



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